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Soloco Chocolate

Soloco Chocolate is a chocolate flavored candy traditionally mixes such as Solomon’s Sky Fruit. Soloco Chocolate is produced to help men out there in order to last long and slowly excitement with their beloved wife. With easy consumption and nutrition like eating regular bar chocolate, you can survive from 15 minutes before to 45 minutes. Apart from being durable in bed, Soloco also has 10 other nourishment especially for indoor and outdoor health.

10 Main Functions:

  1. Solid tonifying kidney
  2. Regulation of dioxin production
  3. Promote blood circulation
  4. Prevention of prostate disease
  5. Improve fatigue and enhance vitality
  6. Reduce cholesterol
  7. Effectively help lower blood pressure
  8. Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  9. Improve diabetes
  10. Improve lower urinary tract symptoms


Ingredient of Soloco: 

Flavonoids, Saponin, Isoflavone, Ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, Dark chocolate, Brazilian berry, Damiana, Honey, etc.


How to use it: 

2 times a week, 1 time 1 capsule


Product specifications: 

12 tablets / box, 2 boxes / treatment

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