Evo 7 Candy


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EVO7 treating weak orgasms, erectile dysfunction, not long-lasting and treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood, heart nerve, prostate, gout, gallstones, numbness and so on.

The Main Functions of EVO7:

  1. Launched the blood flow
  2. Empowering Metabolic Rate
  3. Control of organ functions
  4. Relieving neuropatic Nyery syndrome
  5. Increase resilience/Immunteration
  6. Anti-Aging and detoxification


How to use it:

– Eating time is approximately 1 hour after dinner

– Pour down the tongue and suck up to be liquid. Then drink water.

– For ages 50 years for non-disease-1 packets for 2 days.

– For ages 50 years of age-1 packets for 3 days.

– To treat serious chronic diseases, good eating 1 packets per day so that faster heal.

– For more power, eat about 2 hours before make a sex with your wife.

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