AK II Phenomenal King


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AK-II Phenomenal King

AK-II the world’s best men treasure, IS DEFINITELY YOUR BEST CHOICE !!

AK-II Phenomenal King uses the latest German extraction technology, a unique complex formula consists of three main natural ingredient silymarin, cynomorium, red Pueraria cream fermentation. These ingredient enhance the effect of AK-II so much, and they are easily absorbed by the human body.

AK-II consists of pure natural plant extracts, popular in Europe, one of the first successful men products! AK-II dissolved in mouth and hundreds of nutrients are absorb unconsciously. Effective after consumption of 2 to 5 sachets. Proved effective by number of users and 95% of them are satisfied with the result and return to get more. 

The Main Functions of AK-II Phenomenal King: 

  1. Improve and protect liver cells 
  2. Restore energy & enhance the immune system 
  3.  Overcome the problem of bed wetting, difficult of urination, and frequent urination 
  4. Improve prostatitis or improve urination Issues 
  5. Improve man private part & bed activity function 
  6. Reduce diabetes or reduce blood pressure or lowering cholesterol level 
  7. Stabilize the hormonal system 
  8. Overcome fatigue & lack of sleep 
  9. Ease women menstrual problem 
  10. Improve insomnia problem 
  11. Anti-aging 


Ingredients of AK-II Phenomenal King: 

Milk Thistle, Oligosakarida, Mangosteen, Pineapple , Cynomonium Songaricum, Butea Superba etc.


How to use it: 

– Take 1-2 sachet before breakfast per day 

– Direction 1 : Pour 1 sachet into the mouth directly and drink a glass of water/ fruit juice

– Direction 2 : Pour 1-2 into a glass of water and drink 

*Do not drink alcohol within 2 hours before and after taking it*


Suitable For: 

– For Male (Main consumer) & Female 

– Suitable for female within 12- 80 years old

– For safety reasons, children, dialysis, pregnant and lactating women are recommended not to take AK-II.

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